Two years ago, what began as a positive coping statement has grown into a statement of bold expression, acceptance and comfort.

Understanding the fact that I experience situational and chemical depression, I am very familiar with spiraling in my thoughts and anxieties sometimes. In one of my lowest times and longest spirals, I had to find a way to disrupt my thoughts.

At some point I began to minimize my depression,

“There are people going through worse things than you”

It was at that point that I was able to check my thoughts and corrected myself that no one’s problems are less than anyone else…

We Are All Fucked up in some way or another. And I shouldn’t let people judge me because they’re fucked up too.

This became my self soothing statement and protection as I went out into the world. To remind myself that its okay to feel whatever I feel whenever I feel it and no one can say anything differently to me.

Over the past 2 years, this statement / sentiment has grown to have multiple meanings.

  1. The world is fucked up and so are we, now let's deal with that.
  2. No matter where you are in life, don’t let them tell you where you should be.
  3. Do whatever the fuck you want to do while you can. (As long as its not hurting someone or yourself)

- Matt (Founder)

Be true to yourself and own your story.



Our belief system that we use to remind ourselves daily of our power and who we are and can be.

  • 01

    We are all Allowed To Be

  • 02

    We are all Immensely Powerful

  • 03

    We are all Worthy

  • 04

    We are all Individuals Together

  • 05

    We are all Broken & Healing

  • 06

    We are all Reality Shifters

  • 07

    We are all Curious

  • 08

    We are all Rule Makers & Breakers

  • 09

    We are all Fearless & Fearful

  • 10

    We are all Making Mistakes & Learning

  • 11

    We are all Prisms & Prisons

  • 12

    We are all Navigating the Mundane